Bread of Life (Substance Abuse Ministry)

    • Vacant

Carolina Club

  • Sis. Sue Hamlin, President
  • Trustee Sonya Lloyd-Hobbs, Vice President


Ever Ready Club

  • Sis. Ernestine Cyrus, President
  • Sis. Pearl Capers, Vice President


Flower Club

  • Sis. Diane Green, President
  • Sis. Annie Blackwell, Vice President


Golden Age Ministry

  • Sis. Frances Guyton, President
  • Deaconess Lizzie Mimms, Secretary


Hospitality Club

  • Sis. Myra Lewis, President


Men’s Ministry

  • Deacon Robert Wilcox, Chairperson


Men’s Day Committee (2016-2017)

  • Deacon Jerome Allen, Chairperson
  • Bro. Thomas Monroe,  Co-Chairperson


Missionary Ministry

  • Missionary Rosa Friday, President
  • Missionary Julia McNeely, Vice President


Nurses Unit

  • Nurse Arlene Capers, President
  • Nurse Lucynthia Harold, Vice President


Pastor’s Aid Ministry

  • Sis. Portia Patterson, President
  • Sis. Christine Thomas, Vice President

Scholarship Committee

  • Sis. Maria Simpson-Horne Chairperson
  • Sis. Stephanie Wood, Co-Chairperson


Seigler Fellowship Club

  • Sis. Carrie Simpkins, President
  • Sis. Addie Bethel, Vice President


Single’s Ministry

  • Trustee Nolia Johnson, President
  • Sis. Elaine Curtis Secretary


Sound & Discipleship Ministry

  • Bro. Phil Exton, Jr., Director/Technician


Sunday Church School

  • Sis. Nettie White,  Superintendent


Usher Board No. 1

  • Sis. Callie Gripper, President
  • Sis. Diana Brown, 1st Vice President
  • Sis. Jacqueline Mack, 2nd Vice President


Intermediate/Junior Ushers

  • Unassigned. President
  • Unassignedt, Vice President
  • Sis. Bessie Williams, Mother


Usher Board No. 2

  • Deaconess Claudette Mills,  President
  • Trustee Brian Midgett, Vice President


Women’s Ministry

  • Sis. Rosa Friday, Director
  • Sis Elaine Curtis Secretary


Women’s Day Committee (2011)

  • Deaconess Johnnie Randall, Chairperson
  • Deaconess Linda Wilcox, Co-Chairperson


Youth and Young Adult Ministry

  • Unassigned, President
  • Unassigned, Vice President
  • Rev. Vivian Curtis Youth Director
  • Sis. Rose Townsend, Youth Administrator
  • Sis. Elaine Curtis, Senior Youth Advisor
  • Deaconess LeeVone Brown, Parent Coordinator