Reverend H.C. Mack (1954-1956)

  • The Church was organized
  • First Church home was rented at 810 Eye Street, NW
  • Eight deacons and one son were ordained
  • New Southern rock was added to the sisterhood of Baptist Churches





Reverend James Seigler (1958-1970)

  • Second Church building was rented at 1217 5th Street, NW
  • The Land at 750 Buchanan Street, NW, was purchased and an edifice costing $250,000 was built.
  • Nine Deacons, 11 Trustees, 6 clubs and four singing groups were added.



Reverend Dr. M. G. Barr (1971-1984)

  • Church membership enrollment tripled.
  • The 8:00 a.m. Sunday Worship Service was added, along with Wednesday noonday prayer and 7:30 p.m Bible Study.
  • Church mortgage was liquidated.
  • Main Sanctuary was improved to include stained glass windows, musical painting on the balcony.
  • Church Annex was purchased and the mortgage liquidated.
  • Transportation was provided for the senior citizens.


Interim Period (1984-1988)

  • Included during this time is the recognition of the short-term of Reverend T.F. Strange. Deacon Leo Randall, Chairman, and the Board of Deacons gave spiritual guidance and leadership to the church. During this time the Official Boards and congregation continued in prayer for pastoral leadership.







Reverend Dr. Rudolph White (1988 - Present)

  • Seventeen ministers have been ordained.
  • Eleven Deacons, 20 Trustees, 12 ministries and two singing groups have been added
  • 1.4 million dollar church renovation completed and mortgage liquidated.